Your Players’ Psychology is Complex. Let Me Simplify It For You.

By Giving You My Proven System That Will Allow You To Understand Your Players Significantly Better!

Knowing your player is more than understanding their swing – it is knowing their psychological fingerprint. My framework not only provides insight into the player, it gives a look into the competitive mindset that drives that player.


It’s an issue we often struggle with, whether we’re talking about a junior player, a college player, or even an elite professional. It is a question that I get a lot of times from coaches, just like yourself. A lot of your players are very, very talented, but for some reason they just can’t seem to take it to the next step. We talk about attributes like TrackMan numbers or FlightScope readouts, and start looking at some of the very attributes that those players possess. What we often miss is what drives those attributes. The underlying psychological side of greatness.

I have the solution that has been unbelievably successful with the players that I work with including some of the best players on the PGA TOUR and elite college players. I am making that framework available to you right now!

After Going Through The Player Evaluation System, You As A Coach Will:

Be able to characterize each player into one of four personality types so that you can better understand how they learn and receive coaching

Identify a player’s belief systems while eliminating their fears and insecurities

Identify a player’s fears and doubts about the current state of their game and develop a plan to remove that

Develop a player development framework to assess each player’s mental game

Identify a player’s competitive personality and where they thrive and struggle in competitive situations

Spot distractions and barriers to a player’s ability to focus during play, practice, or training

Pinpoint the grit/resiliency displayed by each player 

Identify what motivates each player both internally and externally

If they are resisting your coaching, pinpoint why that is and how you can approach them differently

Effectively communicate with players by identifying their learning and communication styles

What Do I Get with the Player Evaluation System?

Entire Player Evaluation Framework

Get the entire framework I use when working with all of my PGA Tour players when assessing their current mental state

Immediate, On-Demand Access

Unique username and password for on-demand access to me and my system from any desktop or mobile device with an internet connection

Community Discussion Section

Each section contains a content discussion area where I answer any questions you may have regarding the content and to participate in discussion about developing your players' mental games

Additional PDF & Video Resources

I have uploaded several PDF resources to help you retain the information and make it a part of your coaching system. I will also be uploading additional video content on a monthly basis.

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