Your Mental Game Is Preventing You From Shooting Lower Scores. That Stops Today.

Don’t Spend Another Dollar On Worthless Practice Aids and Overpriced Golf Clubs

Training for excellence in golf requires more because of the challenges of the sport, the difficulties with consistency of performance, and the reliance on the technical side of the game. My experience with the top players in the world led me to develop a comprehensive model of performance, called the ATTACK-R Training System, based on understanding your unique approach to the game and how to prepare for the challenges of competition.

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Your Golf Game Is Being Held Back By:

Lack of focus on the golf course


Making too many simple mistakes


Losing control of emotions and getting angry after bad shots


Terrible course management and overall strategy


No ability to take your range game to the course


Lack of confidence in your overall game


Battling nerves on the first tee, which is crippling you for the rest of the round


You let one bad hole derail your entire round. I will teach you how to manage that frustration better.

When is this going to change, and what will be the catalyst for you to do something different? I have the solution to help you find the consistency and low rounds you are looking for just like I do with my PGA Tour clients who have won a combined 12 times over the past year. They trust this process, and so should you! 

Let Me Be Honest With You…

You are spending so much money and time on your golf game and getting nothing out of it. Aren’t you tired of struggling? Aren’t you tired of losing money to your friends?

There is a better way. It is not a secret, but it is a different mental strategy. I know how to help players get better by focusing on their mental games. That is why I am trusted by the best players and coaches in the game.

It’s A Very Simple Process. Let Me Show You How It Works!

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Immediately Implement the Coaching I Give You

Through this virtual training platform I will be there to guide you every step of the way, just like I am with the PGA Tour players I work with.

Watch Your Scores Drop

Have fun showing up to the golf course every round with confidence, a consistent game, and a plan to shoot low scores.

*Are you an instructor or coach and interested in group pricing for your school or academy? Click here to let us know and find out how easy it is to get you set up!

I Want You To Imagine Something…

Walking to the first tee with confidence. Standing up to that tee shot that causes you so much stress and crushing it right down the middle. Stepping up to a pesky three-footer for birdie and making it, no problem. There is a way to feel exactly like this, but it takes you changing your mindset. It is a lot less expensive than buying a new driver!

You have no plan right now, and it shows. You are searching for any fix in your game, and each new swing thought sets you back even further. There is a way out, and it is through your mental approach. It’s time to practice better, even with the limited amount of time you may have.

ATTACKR Golf Training System by Bhrett McCabe

I Am Going To Help You:


Practice better by being more systematic


Train more effectively


Play golf with confidence


Lower your handicap immediately


Hit longer drives and put with more confidence and consistency


Love the game of golf again

ATTACKR Golf Training System by Bhrett McCabe

What’s Inside The ATTACK-R Golf Training System?

A step-by-step program designed to develop your entire game so that you can find consistency in your game, develop a competitive mindset to overcome any obstacle the game throws at you, and have your A-game when it means the most.

ATTACKR Golf Training System by Bhrett McCabe

ATTACK-R Training Model – $997 value


This system allows me to be your virtual coach! I will be there to walk you through this training every step of the way.


Full training system is broken down into 7 phases which are the phases in which your game needs to be broken down in order to achieve maximum consistency. They are the Assessment, Training, Testing, Anticipation, Competition, Knowledge building, and Reinvestment Phases (hence the name ATTACK-R).


Program consists of off-course training (assessment, anticipation, and re-investment phases), practice/training content on the practice range (training, testing phases), and on-course training during a practice round to simulate competition (part of testing phase, competition, and knowledge building phases)

ATTACK-R Daily Practice Plan and Competitive Drills – $97 value


Comprehensive, organized training plan that features a full practice plan for every day of the week based on the phases of the ATTACK-R System


Easily adjustable to fit your situation and even includes a weekend practice plan if that is the only time you have available to practice.


Elements of the training plan include Long Game, Wedges, Short Game, and Putting with structure and drills I use with my PGA Tour players to focus on competition, developing consistency, and a winning mindset.

FREE Bonus: ATTACK-R Community Discussion 


Interact with and learn from other like-minded golfers who are looking to improve their games. Nothing fosters positive reinforcement like a supportive community!


Exchange ideas with other players for different tools, strategies, and drills that have been successful for you and for them.

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Do I have to be a competitive golfer to benefit from this?

This training system is for any player who wants to develop more consistency and shoot lower scores. Regardless if you are a PGA Tour player or a weekend golfer, this system will improve your game.

What will I get when I purchase this program?

Through our virtual training platform, you will create a unique username and password. Upon login, you will go immediately to the Training Center where I will be there to take you through each training course. It’s like having a personal coach right at your fingertips.

When can I start going through this training?

Right now!