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My full golf virtual training library complete with training aids for players and coaches from beginner to PGA Tour pro or instructor!

Virtual Training Courses

The Player Evaluation System

We all spend a lot of time analyzing the physical part of our games with the different assessments, tools, and data software like Trackman, FlightScope, BodiTrak, etc. All great tools and are hugely important to performance improvement.


But what are we doing from the mental side?! How are we assessing our mental games? As coaches, how are we assessing our students/players? That is why I developed my Player Evaluation System.


Knowing your player is more than understanding their swing – it is knowing their unique, psychological fingerprint and what makes them “tick”. Unfortunately, there are not consistent and effective evaluations from a psychological perspective that provide insight into the player… until now!


The tool I developed not only provides insight into the player, it gives a look into the competitive mindset that drives that player.

ATTACK-R Golf Training System

The ATTACK-R Golf Training System is my online training course to take you, as a player, through a 7-step process for better practice structure in order to shoot the lower scores you desire.


I say this all the time, golfers are the WORST practicers in sports. Their practices usually involve trying to fix problems and not for performance improvement, leaving themselves in a constant state of frustration. This will change that!


ATTACK-R is an acronym for the 7 steps of the system.


Assessment, Testing, Training, Anticipation, Competition, Knowledge Building, and Reinvestment In Your Game.


It also serves as way for players to think “attack” on the course rather than playing defensive and to avoid mistakes.

Golf Insider’s Club

The online platform to get my most exlcusive golf content and direct access to me so that I can give you the best chance for success on the course; Here are some of the things you will have access to:


  • SYSTEMATIC TRAINING PLANS – You’ll get disciplined training processes and plans that I utilize with my PGA Tour players to help them perform at the highest levels.


  • VIDEO DRILLS & WRITTEN ARTICLES – I have written numerous articles for Golf Magazine and Golf Digest as well as developed video drill content to help players execute under pressure and build confidence.


  • INTERVIEWS WITH GOLF INFLUENCERS – Whether it is a sit-down interview with a player or a Top 50 instructors or talking the mental game with PGA Tour caddies, coaches, or media members, you will get exclusive, high-level information proven to lower scores.


  • COURSE MANAGEMENT & STRATEGY – Video and discussion-based course management and strategy that can lower your scores strictly by the way you manage the golf course.

Landmines of the Golf Course

In this course, I discuss the 5 most important things I see players struggle with on the golf course and how to manage your mental strategy with your physical game.


In the course I will discuss:


1. Why landmines (or break downs on the golf course) happen


2. What to do when they are happening


3. What to do after they happen

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